We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders of Flatcoated Retriever’s, West highland White Terriers and Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds. We have approximately half an acre of grounds, just a mile from the motorway network in South Yorkshire. In which the dogs can exercise and with many dog-friendly walks in the area. All the breeds are well socialized and play quite happily together with the Flatcoats laidback attitude complementing the more energetic smaller breeds. Playtime is supervised though all the ones that live in the house are pretty much free range as the back door never seems to be shut.

We moved to Walnut Farm in 1986 with just an Irish Red Setter and a cat but started off by breeding Golden Retrievers and Weirmaraners. At the time we were not familiar with Flatcoats as they still had almost rare breed status but once we were exposed to them we were soon won over by their charm, exuberance and sheer force of personality. We very shortly became aficionados of the breed acquiring our first in 1998.

Our first Westie came into our lives in 1997 and did see herself as the queen of the household with an extremely extended family reaching well into the great-great-greats. By comparison the dachshunds only arrived 2007 with their relatively small litters ensuring the population stays manageable. When we acquired our first we had reservations regarding the comparatively small stature but were reassured by her fearlessness ( nay, recklessness) in joining in any rough-house she didnt actually start. Feel the silky coat and look into those liquid eyes and you can easily forget that they were bred to face up to a badger, playing at home.

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